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Full Speed FSD-20F3 Mini tower V1.0

Package size:7*15*1cm Package weight:13.0g
Item Code: FSD380203
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  • Description
1.25/200mw VTX:,,
1>. 40 Channel;
2>. Support touch switch and PWM/Touch switch select
Channel;upport touch switch select frequency group
3>. Support25mW/200mW Select with five LED display high power
6>.Miniature and light weight design ;out side 27*27mm,weight 4g
transmission frequency group:

A :Ch1:5865MHz Ch2:5845MHz Ch3:5825MHz Ch4:5805MHz
    Ch5:5785MHz Ch6:5765MHz Ch7:5745MHz Ch8:5725MHz

B :Ch1:5733MHz Ch2:5752MHz Ch3:5771MHz Ch4:5790MHz 
    Ch5:5809MHz Ch6:5828MHz Ch7:5847MHz Ch8:5866MHz

C :Ch1:5705MHz Ch2:5685MHz Ch3:5665MHz Ch4:5645MHz
     Ch5:5885MHz Ch6:5905MHz Ch7:5925MHz Ch8:5945MHz

D :Ch1:5740MHz Ch2:5760MHz Ch3:5780MHz Ch4:5800MHz
     Ch5:5820MHz Ch6:5840MHz Ch7:5860MHz Ch8:5880MHz

E :Ch1:5658MHz Ch2:5695MHz Ch3:5732MHz Ch4:5769MHz
    Ch5:5806MHz Ch6:5843MHz Ch7:5880MHz Ch8:5917MHz

2、Electrical Characteristics
Item  SPEC
Frequency band 5645~5917MHz
Channel customer 40
Modulation type FM
Channel SEL. Touch Switch
Channel Indicate CH1~CH8 Channel indication with 1LEDS andA~E frequency
group Indicate with 5LEDS
Transmit power 13±1dBm~23±1dBm Switchable
Frequency control PLL
All harmonic Max -50dBm
Frequency Stability ±100KHz (Typ.)
Frequency precision ±200KHz (Typ.)
Channel Carrier error 1dB
Antenna Port 51 Ω
Base-band interface (P2.0*4)
Power consumption 200~550MA@5V DCIN
Supply Voltage 4.5-5.5v
Operating Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Profile dimension 27mmX27mmX4MM;Screw boss 20X20MM;itch-row 2MM

3. Pin Assignment,
Transmitted power selected still touch up to 6S,Switch 3 leds light up 3 seconds after success, that is 25 mw mode, if five leds light up 3 seconds that is 200 mw.
Frequency group A~E selected still touch up to 3S,5 LED indicates the current frequency, such as the current frequency is the second group, the second LED grow light.
Channel ch1~ch8 selected with short touch,Short press CH led will flash once, corresponding to the frequency of current frequency under the group to CH8, the led will normally on instructions.
2.Mini F3 2S flight control board:
Size: 27*27mm
Mounting hole: 20*20mm
Weight: about3.1g
Processor: STM32
Sensor: MPU-6000 ( connected by SPI)
Firmware version: betaflight_3.1.0_OMNIBUS
Built-in ESC: 5V/1A
Receiver: PPM, Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, XBUS, SumD SumH RX etc.
Power supply: 2-4S lipo battery

-Support programmable LED Sprit (turn off transponder before using)
-Support BLheli suite
-Support the newest DSHOT ESC
-Built-in voltage detection, alarm
-Built-in OSD
-Buzzer solder pin
-LED_STRIP connector
-BB ring

3.Mini F3 2S ESC board:
Size: 27mm*27mm*5mm
Mount hole: 20mm*20mm
Firmware version: BLHELI_S 16.5
Lipo Battery: 2-3S
Con. Current: 10A
Peak Current: 15A (10S)
Programming: YES
Betaflight passtrough ready
Dshot600 ready(Default)
Support Dshot600
Damped light on,
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