Affiliate Program

About  Affiliate
If you are a owner of website , a social media publisher , a blogger , or manager of a forum ,
we would like to invite you to establish long-term business relationship with us. It’s totally free for you to join.
You can gain at least 4% commission on each sale via your affiliate links. Don’t hesitate to join us and write your own success .


Affiliate Membership Management

1. Commission=Money

 Yous referral commission earned can be exchanged for:
● 4%-8% tiered commission rates for confirmed sales

● Free to join affiliate program and with real time reporting and sales tracking.
● Commissions can be exchanged for cash, There is no minimum withdrawal limit. We will transfer the commission to your Paypal account within two working days after you submit     application.

2. Level 1 Commission & Level 2 Commission
Level 1Level 1 Distribution Commissions = Total Order * First Class Rebate Percentage
Level 2Secondary Distribution Commission = Total Order * Level 2 Reward Percentage

How Does The Affiliate Program Work ? 

What’s The Advantages Of Affiliate?

1.4%-8% tiered commission rates for confirmed sales. 
2.Commission have no minimum withdrawal limit .

3.The withdrawal will arrive within two working days.
4.You will have a team (secondary distributor) to earn commission for you.
5.Competitive price and powerful customer services. 
6.Professional Affiliate Program team who will always be here for you. 
7.Real time reporting and sales tracking .

How to join Affiliate?

1.Come to our website and register as a member

Two way to register
Use your social-media account sign in.

Fill in the information to become a member of full speed.

(We will not provide the third party with any account information of members.)

2.After register to a member, come to “My Orders”;

2.1Click “Affiliate program”option. 

2.2 Click “Become a distributor” to apply.

2.3 After apply, Please wait patiently, Our team will review your request within two working days.

Administrator will accept your application and set a commission rate for you.

Member Level & Commission Ratio
Please send Your name on face book, blog, instagram or other social media to our Email:, We will refer to you influence to set the rate of commission,Level 1 distribution commission will be 4%-8%, Secondary distribution commission is 2%.



1.Each distributor will have two levels of the commission percentage.
2.How can a distributor get the first level of commission percentage?
----After becoming our distributor, you will see there is a link for you to share in each product’s page. And this link is only for you. You will get the first level of commission if someone buy our product through your the link which you share. Please remember that the link must be your own link.
3.How can a distributor get the second level of commission percentage?
----For example. After you becoming our distributor. If someone(which we call B later) enters our website through the link which was shared by you and B also become our distributor. You will get the second level of commission when people buy frome the link which is shared by B’s own link. And B will get the first level of commission for his own.
4.If someone enter a link of product A which is shared by distributor but he buys another product such as product C. The distributor can still get commission of product C.
5.Normally, the first level percentage is higher than the second one.
6. commission = amounts actually paid * commission rate(%)


Share product links

Go to the homepage of the website, find the products you want to share, and copy the share links to your blog, Facebook, and other social networks.Let the customer click on the link and enter to purchase.
 For any purchase caused by clicking your share link, we will pay you commission according to your level of commission.Each sharing link is unique, and it will automatically record the following clicks and share behaviors , Automatically calculate commission for members.
If you are ready to make video and share it with your product, you need to purchase it on our website.

When the transaction is completed,You can always check the commission's product orders at the member center.




Commission withdrawal



1 .The commission will not be settled until the order is completed.
2. The US dollar is our settlement currency, No minimum settlement amount.
3. We currently transfer only to you through Paypal.
4. Each member should provide us with a valid email address as a paypal beneficiary account.If the member gives us the wrong account, he or she should be responsible for all the losses caused by carelessness.We are not responsible for retrieving or repaying any successful payment.

5.Handling charge: We only bear the Paypal handling fee of commission payment. We are not liable for other handling charges, such as cash withdrawn or account transfer after commission payment.

For any cheating behavior, like return or exchange goods, or refund for cheating money, we will reserve the right to freeze member’s commission or account.


Effective Date, Revision & Validity of Agreement

(1) This agreement was promulgated on October 18, 2017 and effective on the date of announcement.
(2) We reserve the right to revise any provision of this agreement at any time.

If you have any questions, please send mail to :

Besr Wishes!